Instagram Direct

Hey, your Instagram feed has beautiful graphics and photos about your products along with a huge engagement rate. Instagram can be a wonderful tool to convert traffic from your online shop. In fact, you can use Instagram every day to promote your brand and also gain followers from your website.

You can set up a redirect bubble Instagram right in-app PingMe so you take advantage of your strong brand on Instagram.

Step 1: Select the Instagram section

Step 2: Toggle it on and connect with your Instagram account through your Facebook Page.

Check step by step to set up Instagram on your Facebook page below:

Once you enable Instagram Direct, the Instagram icon will appear once visitors hover over the chat bubble. They can go to your Instagram profile and view more beautiful images of your products. ^^

PingMe help: Sending messages directly to Instagram Direct Message is not available and users will have to send DMs manually once they are on your Instagram, messages sent via PingMe will only arrive at your Business Facebook Page's inbox.

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