After installing PingMe app, you will be directed to the app admin.

1. Select template

We're here to provide you all chat templates that are most used by our customers. Chat templated is categorized by purpose:

  • Customer support

  • Collect review

  • Product guide

  • Grab deal & promotion.

Hand-picked by experts and proven. All for you. ⬇️

pageChat Template

If you can't choose your template, pick up the first one (default). Then you customize it to your store theme later in Messenger set up.

PingMe help: If you skip onboarding, you can still get back and enjoy our template later in Facebook Messenger -> Chat Template.

2. Connect Facebook Page

We need your help to connect your Facebook Page to PingMe. Just a couple clicks to make it done.

Watch our video for a quick guide!

👉 Here for more detail guide for "Connect Facebook Page"

pageConnect Facebook Page

PingMe help: If you skip onboarding, you can still connect later in Settings. But to make app work, you have to connect Facebook page.

3. Embed app on Shopify

Why do I have to integrate app with my theme?

Firstly, enabling App Embeds (integrate app) allows PingMe to stay fully compatible with your theme and function at its best.

Secondly, it ensures that the app will stop at the moment you uninstall it. You don't need to manually add any scripts to the theme for the app to work, also no code removal is needed upon uninstallation.

You have to integrate our app with your Shopify theme extension. It happened due to Shopify requirement to embed app.

Got 30 seconds? Check out our video guide right here.

4. It's time to Ping

🎉 Congrats! You're all set.

Now, it's time to play around with PingMe!

pageIt's time to Ping

PingMe help: If you do not see the Chat Bubble showing up on your website, please check this one: Bubble chat doesn't appear

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