Get Contact Information

Why do you need Get contact information via Ping Me?

It helps you get customer information (email, phone number) when you are away/unavailable/out of office, so that you can get back to them quickly.

As all we know, some customers would like to open Guest Chat rather than logging-in their FB account and according to Facebook Policy, you only have 24 hours to reply to these messages.

With Get contact information feature, you will NEVER miss a thing from your potential customers! No more missed conversations.

1. Get contact information

Step 1: Going to "Leave Contact" and Enable the feature in Display Settings tab

Step 2: You can customize the content showing to your customers

  • Subject text: You can put the name of your store in this section

  • Message: You can insert message to inform your customer about unavailable support service/ out of working hours.

  • Select box: You can add Email (this is selected by default), Phone Number, Message (optional)

  • Button color and Button text color: You can change the color of the text and color of "Send" Button.

PingMe note: Please be noted that the characters limitation for Subject text or Message is 255

  • Set time to show form

    • Always show

    • Select offline time & show

2. Check and send email to customer with PingMe

Now you can send email to your subscriber's list right in PingMe! 👏

In the "Message" tab, you can check customer messages sent through the form and reply to them by the email connected in our app.

  • Message

    You can send Email Message to your customer, delete message, add the tag, add note for each message.

  • Email Settings

    To send message to customer's email, you have to configure your email in this section

Please check Email configuration for more details

PingMe note: Our app does not support sending notification to your registered email when there's a new message. So please check Leave contact info tab on regular basis to avoid missing messages.

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