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About PingMe!

All-in-one live chat platform: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
90% online time are on apps and chat app rank no.1. We use chat apps every hour, every day.
20,000,000,000 messages are sent between business and users monthly on Facebook Messenger.
Why don’t you do business with your customers in their favorite app?
With PingMe, your customers can “ping” you right at where they are: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram.
  • No need to set up your own chatbot!
  • Engage with them where they already are - in chat.
  • Keep conversions persistent across your Shopify store and your Facebook fanpage or Instagram shop.
PingMe helps place your brand right next to customers’ friends and family in their address book in the preferred app.
PingMe gives you more than a bubble chat!
  • All-in-one chat platform: Integrate Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp live chat, and even more to your store. Manage all inboxes in one platform.
  • Fast and Easy: Set up live chat within a minute. Deliver real-time messages for better support. Save lots of operating costs for your store.
  • Turn your chat into revenue: Conversations can be continued across various device platforms and websites. Easy re-targeting campaign with all-in-one inbox

Getting started

Guides for Jump start

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Main features

Get a deeper understanding of our main features, which makes PingMe more than a bubble chat:
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Common Errors & How to Fix Them

PingMe help: If you have any further concerns when using the app, we're right here to help. Just one click away.